Frequently Asked Questions



Why can’t I view the live stream on my computer?

The live stream player requires that your computer web browser have the Adobe Flash Player plug-in installed to view the live stream. Please ensure that your web browser has the plugin installed and enabled, and try playing the live stream again. You can troubleshoot the plugin here.

What do I do if I receive a message saying, “We apologize, but it appears that you are currently located outside the intended coverage area for Spectrum SportsNet” when I attempt to login to the live stream on my computer?

If you are currently located inside of our coverage area, it is possible that the IP address your computer is currently using cannot be located in our database. Please follow this link to discover the IP address your computer is using. Send your current location (city, and state) and the IP address to

What do I do if I receive a message saying, “Sorry, but you’re out of the serviceable area“ when I attempt to login to the Spectrum SportsNet Android or iOS app?

If you are currently located inside of our coverage area, please ensure that your mobile or tablet device has Location Services turned on and that you’ve allowed the Spectrum SportsNet app access to your location.

Why can’t I login to view the live stream with my TV provider credentials?

Spectrum Sports recommends contacting your TV service provider to ensure that your user name and password are accurate. Please find your TV provider’s customer service number below:

Time Warner Cable | Spectrum: 855-70-SPECTRUM (855-707-7328)

Bright House | Spectrum: 1 (800) 734-4615

DirectTV: 1 (800) 531-5000

COX: 1 (866) 206-9832

Hawaiian Telcom: 1 (877) 482-3900

Frontier: 1 (800) 837-4966

AT&T U-verse: 1 (800) 288-2020

Why isn’t my TV provider listed?

If your TV provider is not listed, please contact them and express your interest in having them add Spectrum SportsNet to their product offering.



Do I have to subscribe to Time Warner Cable | Spectrum to watch these networks?

No. Spectrum SportsNet and Spectrum Deportes are available to all cable, satellite and telco providers. The networks can currently be found on Time Warner Cable | Spectrum, DirecTV, Bright House Networks | Spectrum, Cox, Charter, Verizon FiOS and AT&T U-verse systems. Channel numbers for individual providers are listed below, or can be found at or by using the channel finder at the top of the page.

What can I do if my provider does not carry Spectrum SportsNet and Spectrum Deportes?

Call and tell your television provider you want to watch the Lakers.

Where can I watch Spectrum SportsNet and Spectrum Deportes on Time Warner Cable | Spectrum?

Spectrum SportsNet and Spectrum Deportes can be found in high-definition on channel 318 and 441, respectively, on Time Warner Cable | Spectrum systems. The networks are carried on Basic Cable in LA County. You can look up the standard definition channel number in your area at

Where can I watch the networks on Bright House Networks?

Spectrum SportsNet and Spectrum Deportes are available on Bright House Networks | Spectrum in Bakersfield and Tehachapi in both Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) to customers with Standard or Digital Variety service. Spectrum SportsNet is available on SD channel 113 and HD channel 1113; and Spectrum Deportes is available on SD channel 631 and HD channel 1631. Spectrum SportsNet is also available to analog customers on channel 23.

Where can I watch the networks on DirecTV?

Spectrum SportsNet is available to DirecTV customers on channel 691 throughout Southern California (Los Angeles, San Diego, Bakersfield and parts of Fresno) as well as Santa Barbara and Ventura counties, Las Vegas and Hawaii. Spectrum Deportes is available on channel 458.   

Where can I watch the networks on Cox?

Spectrum SportsNet is available on channel 65/1065 in Orange County and Santa Barbara, 70/1070 in Palos Verdes, 71/1071 in San Diego and 66/1066 in Las Vegas. Spectrum Deportes is available on channel 85 in Orange County, Palos Verdes and Santa Barbara, 72 in San Diego and 65/1065 in Las Vegas.  

Where can I watch the networks on Charter Spectrum?

Spectrum SportsNet is available in SD on channel 215 and in HD on channel 787; and Spectrum Deportes is available on SD channel 216 and HD channel 788.

Where can I watch the networks on Frontier?

Spectrum SportsNet is available on Frontier Channel 78 in standard definition and on Frontier Channel 578 in high definition. Spectrum Deportes is available on Fronter Channel 79 in standard definition. 

Where can I watch the networks on AT&T U-verse?

Spectrum SportsNet is available for U-verse TV customers in Southern California (Los Angeles, San Diego, Bakersfield and much of Fresno) with the U100 package and above on channel 1777 in HD and channel 777 in SD. Spectrum Deportes will be available in the U300 package or U-Latino package on channel 1778 in HD and channel 778 in SD.

Can I get the networks where I live?

The networks’ broadcast territory includes all regions that previously broadcast Lakers, Galaxy and Sparks games. That area stretches from (A) in California, the following counties:  Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Kern, Riverside, San Bernadino, San Diego, Imperial, Inyo, Tulare, Fresno, Kings and the following towns (zip codes) located in Monterey county:  Bradley (93426) and San Ardo (93450), (B) in Nevada, Clark county and with respect to Esmeralda county, Lincoln county, and Nye county, the areas covered by the zip codes listed below and (C) the State of Hawaii.

Zip codes for Nevada counties

Esmeralda county: 89010, 89013, 89047

Lincoln county: 89001, 89008, 89017, 89042, 89043

Nye county: 89020, 89003, 89022, 89023, 89041, 89048, 89060, 89061, 89045, 89049

If I live outside of the territory listed above, can I watch live Lakers, Galaxy and Sparks games?

If your provider carries Spectrum SportsNet and Spectrum Deportes outside of the area listed above, you will still be able to watch non-live game programming on the networks, but not live games. All Los Angeles Lakers, LA Galaxy and Los Angeles Sparks games that air on Spectrum SportsNet and Spectrum Deportes can only be watched live within the networks’ local broadcast footprint, in accordance with the National Basketball Association’s (NBA), Major League Soccer’s (MLS) and Women’s National Broadcast Association’s (WNBA) broadcast territory rules, as was the case with the teams’ previous TV broadcast partner stations.

What are Spectrum SportsNet and Spectrum Deportes?

Spectrum SportsNet and Spectrum Deportes are two new 24/7 high-definition regional sports networks that launched on October 1, 2012. Through their exclusive partnerships with the Los Angeles Lakers, LA Galaxy, Los Angeles Sparks and the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF), the 24/7, high-definition networks each deliver more than 180 live events per year plus extensive team coverage and behind-the-scenes access unlike anything fans have seen before. Spectrum Deportes is the nation’s first ever Spanish-language regional sports network, with commentary, programs and a perspective created uniquely for Spanish-speaking sports fans of all nationalities. 

Besides games, what else can I watch on Spectrum SportsNet?

Programming on Spectrum SportsNet includes “Access SportsNet,” the network’s signature daily studio show that encompasses pre- and post-game shows as “Access SportsNet: Lakers” and “Access SportsNet: Galaxy” as well as “#LakeShow,” the network’s live daily social media-driven show. Original programming on Spectrum SportsNet includes “Backstage: Lakers,” a weekly documentary that chronicles the Lakers season from start to finish. “Connected With…” is the network’s signature interview show that features interviews with professional athletes, sports insiders and Southern California personalities. ­­Spectrum SportsNet also provides Korean Secondary Audio Programming (SAP) for live Lakers games, the first-ever Korean SAP for a regional sports network.

Do Spectrum SportsNet and Spectrum Deportes have online streaming?

Spectrum SportsNet and Spectrum Deportes feature live in-market game streaming and a second screen experience to personal computers and mobile devices and an integrated interactive social media experience.

Where do I go for more information?

You can visit and Follow us on Twitter @SpectrumSportsNet, on Instagram @SpectrumSportsNet and @SpectrumDeportes and on Facebook at and